What is PHPLucidFrame?

  • PHPLucidFrame (a.k.a LucidFrame) is an application development framework for PHP developers. It provides logical structure and several helper utilities for web application development. It uses a functional architecture to simplify the development of complex applications.

    PHPLucidFrame is especially designed for PHP, MySQL and Apache. It is simple, fast and easy to install.

  • Almost zero configuration - just configure your database setting and you are ready to go.
    No complex JSON, XML, YAML or vHost configuration.

  • Supports a wide range of web application development features:
    Datatase access API Security control URL routing Validation helpers Internationalization & Localization
    User authentication API Schema Manager Database Seeding Shell & Console Tool Ajax

  • No template engine to eliminate overhead of template processing and to save your storage from template cache files.

  • This is not a framework that rules you, but helps you.
    Simple is always the best.

Download 1.19.0

Check the Release Note 1.19.0

PHPLucidFrame is suitable for you if...

  • You are new to any web application development framework.
  • You are not familiar with MVC or OOP or any software architectural pattern.
  • You are tired of M.V.C objects.
  • You are interested in simple vanilla PHP with small learning curve.
  • You want a lightweight and speedy framework.
  • You are not interested in large-scale libraries and components.
  • You want no more template language to learn.
  • You want zero configuration and broad compatibility with hosting that you don't have right to configure your server.

The Road of PHPLucidFrame Development is now on Trello....

Okay, got it! I'm gonna check.